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Tech Inspiration Sessions by CreativeHubs

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CreativeHubs Tech Inspiration Sessions

Where to start with Technology in education or as organisation?
Which problem do you want to solve and what kind of tech is useful for that?
What is affordable, adaptive and relatively sustainable to buy?

These questions and a lot of playful, but serious and professional technology, is brought to you by the CreativeHubs Tech Inspiration Table! Including experienced professionals who can learn you all about it.

For 10-300 visitors in 4 or 8 hours.

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innovation: embracing change and using it in a meaningful way for a better future

This technology and various projects are available for the CreativeHubs Tech Inspiration Table.


3D Printing

Create & imagine:
This is possible at any scale level! Just like you can print houses, cars and pancakes. Customization is an important aspect. Mass production is less practical.

IoT: small data transmission and connections

How do you know that there is a full trashcan on a big airport or mall, without sending someone to investigate?  Or where are the free parking places in a city? Send data over a very long distance, without high battery consumption.

Augmented Reality & 360 media

Experience the virtual world as layer over the real world. Application through which augmented information helps us oversee and understand the real world. Besides that 360 photo and video cams are able to digitalise  the physical world through photgrammetry.

Social Virtual Reality

Meet others and collaborate virtually and worldwide in a surprising metaverse. Without travel time, independent of place and time.

Computer Vision

Play 'Tic-Tac-Toe' and experience how a computer can 'see'. This principle is also applied in self-driving cars and can recognize many different shapes.


Transport is a major challenge, as is the increase in delivery services relative to climate targets and infrastructure. Can Drones help us with this?

Social Robots

How can robots help with social and psychological issues and keep work pressure and costs manageable? The Telling Hug is such a social robot for child welfare.

EEG and Biometrics

Read your brain, gain insight into your mood & learn to meditate better.

Smart Materials

Prevention can prevent complex problems. By warning and monitoring in good time, we can intervene in time. Textiles, glass and ink can be used 'smartly' in our environment.


Programmable Robotics, modular, AI-driven or just for fun. Design various functions with this modular robot and control them via the app on your tablet.


Data stored in Blockchain can be checked and decentralized for everyone. Will this be the way to regain ownership of data?


Flipper Zero Hackers Tool

Learn about this hackers-tool Flipper Zero by making this tutorial

AlphaMini Robot

Learn about AlphaMini by this information


Theta 360 Photo & Video

Learn about shooting 360 images and video by making this tutorial

Cyberpi AI & IoT

Learn about Cyberpi by making this tutorial

Meta Quest & Oculus Go

Learn about VR-glasses by doing this ;)


Learn about OzoBot by making this tutorial

WOW-cube (Interactive Rubix)

Learn about the WOW-cube by watching this video

Or visit the Playstore to search for games for this cube.

Social Robot Vertelknuffel SamBuddy

Learn about the Social Robot Vertelknuffel SamBuddy by reading this blog

3D Led Holofan

Learn about the 3D Led Holofan by watching this video

3D Printing with Ultimaker

Learn about 3D-printing with a Ultimaker by making this tutorial (PDF)

ClicBot: Modular Robot

Learn about Programming 1000+ robots with one modular system.

Tello Drone

Learn about Programming DJI Tello Dron by making this tutorial


LEGO Mindstorms EV3

Learn about LEGO Mindstorms EV3 by making this tutorial


Learn about MakeyMakey by making this tutorial

Makeblock MBot

Learn about Makeblock and MBot by making this tutorial


Learn about RaspberryPi by making this tutorial

VR Mozilla Hubs

Learn about Mozilla Hubs and building your own Social Virtual Reality Metaverse by making this tutorial

AR MergeCube

Learn about AR MergeCube by making this tutorial


Learn about Scratch by making this tutorial


Learn about BYOR by making this tutorial (PDF)


Learn about Littlebits by making this tutorial


Learn about Micorbit by making this tutorial


Learn about Arduino by making this tutorial


Learn about the A-stable Multivibrator (FlipFlop) by making this tutorial (PDF)




CreativeHubs aims to disseminate and share ideas, knowledge and experience of creative technology within organizations as a 'hub'. Through awareness and interaction, new ideas arise and the approach to questions or dilemmas in a school, organization or start-up is renewed.

With the word 'hub' one can think of the hub in a bicycle wheel, the center of the spokes. In a network, a hub is the center of the connected elements.

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