Kids on the Block PocketMoney

Kids on the Block PocketMoney

Prototype Blockchain Wallet for Kids & Parents

To learn children spending and saving money, we developed a concept for a PocketMoney App. This app should be based on blockchain technology. So children also learn to trade personal value, besides currencies. Parents are in charge, but can play there role as an equal trading partner, the way blockchain does.

The app has 3 stages of age-categories:

LEARN: 4-8 years

No real money involved yet. It's purpose is to learn what personal value is and how to trade this for values from others or desired things.

SAVE & SPEND: 7 -14 years

Real small money-earnings as trade for services or personal value. Learn how much something costs or how much value desired things are worth it.

TRADE: 14-18 years

Learn how to trade real money or personal values via blockchain technology. Such as trading game-element-properties, earned by playing a game for a long time to others who desire those elements.

Hoe werkt Blockchain?

Om te laten zien hoe blockchain werkt ontwikkelen we momenteel een basis-workshop om samen te leren hoe je door minen een block creëert. Wie een 'chain' heeft van de meeste 'block's' wint! Work in progress...

Hier wordt een stukje Blockchain gebouwd


# TERMINAL 1: python -p 5000
# TERMINAL 2: python -p 5001

# Peer to Peer
# RESTClient: POST: http://localhost:5001/nodes/register
# Body: { "nodes":[""]}
# RESTClient: POST: http://localhost:5000/nodes/register
# Body: { "nodes":[""]}


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